Solution Name: Autonomous Spacecraft Fault Recovery

Challenge: Space Asset Resiliency

Focus Area: Other

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Solution Description:

Verus Research delivers accurate and predictive spacecraft fault detection technology through Sat-SAM, our Satellite Software for Anomaly Monitoring. We use a combination of actual satellite state of health data and simulated data to train models using machine learning algorithms that detect the occurrence of anomalies across a range of data signals. Our approach has been successfully applied to historical data from the Air Force Research Laboratory’s SHARC satellite. Sat-SAM detected faults on SHARC up to two weeks in advance of when it was recorded by operators. We are currently targeting ground-based software that detects faults from telemetry and communicates results to satellite operators. Our goal, however, is to migrate Sat-SAM to onboard, autonomous fault monitoring and recovery software. Continuous monitoring of the telemetry provides feedback indicating whether the implemented recovery strategy is improving spacecraft performance. By removing the human in the loop, anomalies can be addressed quickly, avoiding communication delays and long periods spent in “safe” mode during which the spacecraft cannot perform its mission. Our solution increases spacecraft resilience and responsiveness while reducing the manpower required for mission operations. It is also structured to provide trusted, assured autonomy through feedback, verification and operator awareness.

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Kendra A. Lang



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