Solution Name: Emergency Parametric Re-Entry Pod (E-PREP) Process

Challenge: Global Space Transport and Delivery

Focus Area: Supply Containment

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Solution Description:

What if space was used for more than communications and surveillance? What if we could deliver emergency supplies anywhere in the world in two hours or less? Our Emergency Parametric Re-Entry Pod (E-PREP) project delivers this capability by combining our AI Pod Design Optimization, rapid production with Additive and Digital Manufacturing, and multidomain mission planning with our Mission Planning and Optimization solution. We were recently selected by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to submit a proposal to their America's Seed Fund program for space technologies and we're thrilled to be a finalist in this AFWERX Global Space Transport and Delivery Challenge! We are seeking qualified external investors interested in both the military and civilian versions of our E-PREP product.

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Tony Grichnik



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